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Here are the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions that we get asked.
Hopefully they will answer any queries that you have but if there is anything
else that you would like to know then please contact us.
There is also a few pictures of our specialist machinery at work below.

Can you give me a quote over the phone or do you
need a site visit?

In most cases we can give you a quote over the phone the more information you give us the more chance of being able to give you a quote there and then. The information we require are where is the stump located? How wide is the access and any restrictions getting to the stump? How big/wide and tall is the stump? Is it a hardwood or softwood stump ie: tree species? Or send or email a few photos of the stump along with the answers to the questions above to 07854 502665 or


How long does it take to remove a stump?

Unfortunately it is hard to put an accurate time on stump grinding and tree stump removal as different factors affect how quickly we can carry out the work. Such as size of the stump and access to stump. It also depends on how much of the stump you need removing.


What size stumps are you capable of removing?

We can remove virtually any size stump using our stump grinders, just remember the
larger the tree stump the longer the job will take.


How much waste is created? and can you remove it?

This depends on how large the tree stump is. The only waste from stump grinding is
mulch, and we can remove this for you for a small fee. Alternatively you can
spread the mulch around the garden, or add it to your compost or recycling bin.


What areas do you cover?

Our stump grinding service covers the west midlands from our base in Codsall some of the areas include Codsall, Bilbrook, Claregate, Perton, Tettenhall, Compton,
Finchfield, Wolverhampton, Brewood, Coven, Penkridge, Wheaton Aston, Bishops
wood, Walsall, Telford and most surrounding areas.


I only have narrow access to my garden can you
still remove the stump?

Yes we can, our smallest stump grinder can squeeze through gaps as small as 24 inches, meaning we can get through even the smallest of gates. Due to its small size it is also lightweight meaning we can carry the machine through your property to
access the stump if you have no other means of access.


How much will it cost to remove a stump?

Unfortunately as every job is different due to factors such as stump size and access to the stump it is not possible to say how much it will cost to remove your stump. But please give us a call and we can give you a free no obligation quote.


I have several stumps in my garden, do you charge
per stump or per job?

We don't charge on a stump by stump basis, but rather for the job as a whole, the cost
would depend on access, size of the stumps and how long the job will take to


Do you have the required insurance to carry out the

Yes we have full liability insurance and covered to £5 million and certificates can be
shown upon request.

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